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Help grow and build for the generations after us.


    East New York 4 Gardens' mission is to be a resource to the residents in the community of East Brooklyn interested in urban horticulture and its' environment. We have been gardening  in East New York/ Brownsville for 20 years under Operation Greenthumb. Our group has support  from various non-profits examples are: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Council  of the Environments Citizen's Committee  and Green Guerrillas, etc...  


  East New York 4 Gardens has been on a goal to partnering with community groups and our political candidates in office. Our best example is working with NYC Parks and Partnerships for Parks. This alliance helped us understand how important we community groups must assist our city agencies. This alliance got the group noticed by our Councilwomen Inez Barron Councilman Rafael Espinal and Boro. President Eric Adams.   


 Donate time, ideas, in kind or money to a honorable cause

 1. These things will help us with our mission:

 a. To educate, train young adults and assisting seniors to beautify the community.

 b. Building a better community parks and gardens program that can expand with the diversity of our community.

 c. Give the people involved a sense of belonging and responsibility. 

 d. East Brooklyn needs volunteers to make it self sufficient. 

Get Involved

  The problem with these gardens and parks are they are run by adults who lacked the resources to maintain these gardens. East New York needs our youth to get involve. The drug epidemic in the 90's has left a communication gap between the adults and youths in our area. We want to close this gap through horticultural therapy and jobs. That we can recycle many of our youths and adults to become better citizens.

News 1

 Preparing for the grant time

News 2

 Looking for new talented people to join us.

News 3

 Partnered with non-profits and business in the neighborhood

 Project BRC           Picking up plants

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