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Our Mission and Team

1. Assisting with the creation, maintenance and upkeep, and improvement of community gardens and parks;

2. Educating members of local communities about healthy life choices, ecology and environmental issues through classes, demonstrations, and organized trips;

3. Providing training, mentor ship, and employment to members of local communities.Facilitating public dialogue regarding community issues and social issues.

4. Promoting support of community gardens, parks and conducting public education and advocacy regarding other issues affecting local communities;

5. Connecting non-profits, volunteers, government resources, and corporate donors with garden/ park projects and environmental issues

6. Making grants in furtherance of the foregoing.

Gregory L. Ingram

President and Founder of East New York 4 Gardens

Visual Artist, Community Advocate, Environmentalist,  Horticulturist, Founder of Gregory's Garden



                     Treasurer of ENY 4 Gardens

Elizabeth Carter

Shari D. Rose

Isadora Blooms Environmental Educator Advisory Board of ENY 4 Gardens



                    Secretary of ENY 4 Gardens

Brenda-Muller Duchene

 Advisory Board / Executive Director of Isabahlia Ladies of Elegance

Reggie Murray

Advisory  Board of ENY 4 Gardens and founder of S.O.N. Sports Oriented Nurturing Youth Partnership Inc.

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